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This is where NFTs + DAOs + Communities collide!It’s never been easier to create a more deeply engaged community where interests are aligned. And where all contributors are rewarded for being a part of a community.NFTs may have started just as unique digital collectible items, but they quickly evolved into representing a person’s identity, and then into becoming the means to assemble and organize all kinds of communities.Need a designer? Check out VectorDAO. Want to own a franchise? FriesDAO is for you. Is golf your thing? LinksDAO is buying a golf course. And then KlimaDAO is working on offsets. You get the idea. There are now hundreds of DAOs.But what makes DAOs so interesting are the clear benefits of having the ability for the members in a community to now make key decisions for the entire group.All members by default are now involved in the decision-making process. And any decisions made are 100% public because they are all recorded on the blockchain.So where do we go from here?Cultural iconoclasts like Snoop are leveraging DAOs to create communities in the metaverse. And companies like Afterparty are organizing communities around exclusive access to in-real-life events.The possibilities are really limitless.But just imagine for a moment if your high school of say 2000 students was a DAO, or better still, if your university of 20,000 students was a DAO. And then on a whim someone proposes that the DAO should contribute to XYZ cause. In literal minutes the proposal could be put up to a vote, then tallied, and have a decision made.So if for example, everyone agreed to contribute $100 each to said cause — pulled from the overall NFT value pool — that would immediately translate into $2,000,000 — again within just minutes. And all this without a 1000 emails going back and forth, not to mention the handling of the thousands of payments transactions that need to happen just in an effort to collect all the funds.So there you have it!Self-governance. Expediency. And Trust.Just a small glimpse into why DAOs are a fantastic vehicle for building communities.(Learn More Here)

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